One of Team MURC's Tough Mudders

Do you believe…

    • You are capable of more?
    • Setting & reaching your goals is fun & rewarding?
    • Living a happy, healthy, and successful life is empowering?
    • A positive and inspiring culture with trustworthy teammates is motivational?
    • Every day is an opportunity to improve?

… if so, we have the club for you!


What do you train for?

We are Moose(L)-Up Redemption Club (MURC).


We believe you must train yourself physically and mentally to be ready for the challenges the game of life throws at you… or the ones you seek out!


We believe your personal growth is accelerated by challenging the status quo.


At MURC, we challenge the status quo by:

    • Screening all potential teammates to see if they fit with our culture… not just if they have a check
    • Performing a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for all new teammates so your unique movement potential needs can be addressed 
    • Offering a 24 hr/7-day a week private gym
    • Applying research & experience; not blindly following trends
    • Focusing on your well-being, not just your fitness
    • Promoting a culture of goal-attainment, personal successes & positive mutual support
    • Focusing on movement based training your body needs and ALL that it implies! The only machines here are the human condition.


Our Team is made up of people you will be proud to know, individuals who work & play hard & who like to both coach & be coached.


Even if you train someplace else, MURC is still your resource for learning HOW you should train and applying your new skills and knowledge wherever you go.


You are invited to learn more & visit our facility and decide for yourself if MURC can provide the sanctuary and redemption you seek.


                                             We are Team MURC